I’m In A Pirate Kind Of Mood This Month

I’m in a pirate kind of mood as you might have been able to tell by this month’s edit to the header graphic. If you’re reading this via RSS, I’m not talking about this kind of pirate:

DVD Pirate

But rather this kind:

Puget Sound Pirates

That real pirate pic comes from the Pirates of Puget Sound. Pirates have a great tradition in Western Washington, especially around SeaFair each Summer when they storm the beaches of Seattle and cause all kinds of good, clean mayhem.

Did you know there was such a thing as the good, clean type of mayhem?

Expect more pirate stuff this month, much more. We’ll start off by pointing out Pirate’s Cove and their efforts to get just 500 more measly hits to the site to reach 400k. Do the guy a favor and click that link above, you’ll be rewarded with monkeys in pirate outfits, the monkeys demand it! 🙂

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