Jun 072007

Wow – Tesla Motors roar!
0 to 60 in 4 seconds, 100% electric, 250 miles per 3.5 hr charge and damn sexy.

Sun CEO Says Apple Shifting to Solaris File System
Sun Microsystem’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz causes a stir in the Macintosh community when he said publicly that OpenSolaris ZFS will become “the” file system for the Leopard version of Mac OS X.

Dead Programmer Society
Dead Programmer Society
You have been reading a bit lately about “rockstar” programmers and recruiter ads are proclaiming “Rockstar programmer needed”? This geek would rather be a “jazz musician” programmer.

Pac Man Founder Calls It Quits with New Version
For a video game legend, Wednesday’s release of “Pac Man Championship Edition” for Xbox 360 will mark the end of a nearly three-decade career for one of gaming’s most illustrious developers.

40% efficient solar cells to be used for solar electricity
Scientists from Spectrolab, Inc., a subsidiary of Boeing, have recently published their research on the fabrication of solar cells that surpass the 40% efficiency milestone?the highest efficiency achieved for any photovoltaic device.

Business milestones: the Hot Chick Tipping Point
Scientific formula: Business + Hot Chick = Wildly Successful Business
Hot chicks can sell beer that tastes like water and foul-smelling body spray, and even a domain registrar. The male mind is easily sold. But the Hot Chick Tipping Point goes beyond advertising; it could be the one thing a business needs for wild success.

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Jun 062007


Monster Manual V is the most recent volume in the best-selling Monster Manual line.

It’s a 224-page D&D supplement with a fully illustrated horde of new monsters, as well as ready-to-play variations of previously existing monsters.

Also, it appears this supplement features maps of monster lairs, sample encounters, and a tactics sections to help Dungeon Masters run the more complex creatures. And many entries contain information about where monsters are likely to appear in the Forgotten Realms and Eberron campaign settings.

The Amazon price at the time of this writing is about US$23, the release date is going to be next month- July 17 2007.  

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Jun 062007

Quote from UCLA Today:

“In a world where people already feel over-connected by cell phones, the Internet, iPods and PDAs, it’s easy to take the power to communicate for granted. But these connections are a lot more fragile than one might imagine.

In the frenzied aftermath of Sept. 11 and hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, communication lifelines were suddenly cut off completely for emergency personnel when infrastructure was destroyed.

That’s one of the primary reasons why public agencies such as the California Department of Transportation are paying close attention to a project led by Computer Science Professor Mario Gerla at the UCLA Henry Samueli School of Engineering and Applied Science.”

Link to the rest of the article.

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Jun 062007


The other day I gave you a heads up on the impending big announcement from HTC.

Turns out the odds-makers had it right, they did in fact announce a multi-touch phone featuring finger gestures similar to the Apple iPhone. If you want the details, skip on over to SlashGear’s reveal.

They’ve branded the Elf as the ‘HTC Touch’ running Windows Mobile 6, the finger gesturing is handled by HTC’s application TouchFLO. It’s available in the UK today and in the US later this year.


Have fun keeping up with the Joneses.

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