Tweaks Made To The Site

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I’ve made two additional edits to the site as we launch ourselves into a new month/year:

1. The Comment form now allows you to subscribe to followup comment notification, it’s an opt-in per article. Simply check the box in the form and you’ll receive an e-mail for every comment made to that article moving forward.

This is thanks to the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plug-in.

2. Also, since I have a pretty good handle on the gawd awful volume comment spam and only the occasional splogger slips through, I’ve *disabled* the nofollow attribute to commenter. What does this mean?

It means that GOOG, Live, Yahoo and their ilk will register all links from your name back to your own site as well as links within the body of the comment. In WordPress, the ‘nofollow’ attribute is on by default to discourage spammers. Simply commenting on Geeknews with a link to your site will register in your favor if you track your pagerank or Technorati rank.

And this one is thanks to the NoFollow Free WordPress plug-in.

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2 thoughts on “Tweaks Made To The Site”

  1. I’ve watched Shamus recently as he played with the Gravatars and Wavatars but missed that entry. Thanks for the pointer, i’ll cross my fingers that I don’t suffer the same fate.

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