re: Heroes, I’m A Total Newb


I’m a total Heroes newb.

I just recently started to watch the show, never having seen more than about 1 or 2 minutes of a snippet on TV long ago and figured since I already had too much to follow on my DVR last season that I’d make it up on reruns.

Oops, I missed the reruns of season 1, probably too caught up in Battlestar, Stargate and more.

So then i figured I’d get the season on Netflix. Oops, there was so much good stuff to watch that it kept falling to the bottom of the queue.

So here we are in Season 2 already, so what’s a geek to do?

What I’ve been doing is watching it online, I’m up through Ep 11 now after two and a half days and hope to be through the season by next week. 🙂

Man this show rocks!

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