Trade In Your Crap For An Alienware


Michael at Hardware Geeks is reporting on the new Alienware program that will let you trade in your electronic devices for credit on a purchase towards an Alienware box. (While you’re on their page, maybe give them a digg to show a little love)

At their post they list the devices you can trade in, from PDAs to Servers to Car Audio Receivers. Nice way to save a few bucks on your $5000 desktop (literally, a few bucks).

On the topic of Alienware: Check out their efforts to convince geeks everywhere they’re better off buying a system as opposed to building their own: Build vs. Buy. I’ll stick with building my homebrew systems for now thank you, though I sure would like to have one of those chassis!

On the topic of Aliens: I’m wondering if the Alienware design is part of a bigger conspiracy from the gov’t to get us acclimated to the idea that it’s ok for ‘aliens to be among you’ and accept that alien-look as just part of pop culture before they spring the surprise on us that “THEY LIVE!“. How cool would that be?

The question I have for you is: Would you take up arms against them, or welcome them as your new alien overlords?

Obviously I need to go to bed now, the topic is getting weird. 🙂

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