Time To Lay Rubber

If you like racing games, you’re going to love Burnout Paradise. Check out their trailer:  

It’s going to hit stores in Jan 22 of 2008, so be prepared.  Console of choice is the XBox 360, but I anticipate a larger following with the PS3 version.  The demo will include a look at the game’s new stunt mode, as well as the chance to race through the game’s streets in search of the fastest route to a set destination. Gamers will also get to check out the new multiplayer emphasis by competing in three challenges online, or make use of the system’s camera peripherals to see the look on the face of a rival racer being rubbed into a guardrail.

Heh, I’m all for some forceful car destruction like the next guy.  Lets see if the new Burnout offering fits the bill, and can satiate my hunger for a decent racing game 😉

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