Convert Your Glock or 1911 Handguns Into Carbines

I found this hack over at the Firearm Blog (‘Firearms, not politics’). The hack comes from a company called Stellar Rigs that sells conversion kits that supposedly turn your 1911 model or your Glock pistol into a carbine.


Convert Handguns to Carbines

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6 thoughts on “Convert Your Glock or 1911 Handguns Into Carbines”

  1. Urk.

    You can buy a pretty good carbine for less than these guys are charging for their kit, and it will be lighter and will be better designed for the purpose.

  2. You can’t get a decent kel-tech for less than $500, a Beretta Carbine costs over $800, and Highpoint Carbines are absolute trash that should be removed from the market. I would rather have the firing assembly for a Glock or a Colt over anything that was made by Highpoint, Kel-Tech, or Beretta. The Glock is famous for being almost idiot proof when it comes to exposure, vapor incursion, foreign object incursion, the Glock and Colt .45 are two of the most reliable actions ever produced and that is why you would use it as the action in a carbine assembly. I thought that you didn’t give much thought to this Shadow, but you probably just don’t know anything about firearms

  3. mccabe, please provide evidence that hipoint carbines are “trash”.

    don’t let snobbery cloud your judgment. don’t shill for the brady campaign with what is essentially a “saturday night special” argument.

    stock 1911’s can be awful as regards reliability, and glocks have their share of problems.

  4. all these people saying high point is trash are stupid its only the old 380s years ago and most cant even afford the high dollar guns their bragging on so shut up a lot of these high dollar gun are second rate junk that brand names stamp their names on cause they cant make as cheap i know for shure cause in a gun smith and buyua catalog and look at comparisons same gun 300.00 cheaper so whose stupid high point life timewarranty some limited lifetime try calling mossberg or smith or browning –, aka tristar aka —

  5. I own a beretta Cx4 storm in 9mm. My buddy owns the hi-point. We hit with the same accuracy at 25 yards. The only difference mine cost about 3x as much as his did. Yes they are ugly, but they are hella accurate. With a price tag under $300, you can’t go wrong.

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