Where Is That??

Gamers unite!  Here is a spiffy new subject I’d like to add to GN for a tryout with you guys, and see if ya’ll like it.

“Where is what”, you say?  Your home away from home!  Video games are the virtual homes of many a geek, and I’m here to pick your brain, and see if you can identify those locales where you build your armies, slay your sworn enemy or frag your friends.  Each post, I will display a screenshot of someplace within a popular video game (Mostly PC) and you folks will try and guess where it is 😉

Simple enough you say?  Heh, I’m not gonna make it that easy for you!  So lets get this business going….

 Where Is That??

Stab the comments for your guesses, and show us your stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Where Is That??”

  1. I had to research the name to refresh my memory of the person’s significance. All I can say is that this was not by design, and was a random screenshot I chose that would give enough clues as to what the game might be. To be honest, I have seen alot worse names people have chosen to identify themselves in games.

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