Step Aside Roomba, Meet The Mother Of All Vacuum Robots

The other week I extolled on my envy for the latest Roomba vacuum cleaner, but check out this pig from Fuji Heavy Industries.

This one is helping to replace an aging workforce in Japan, is already deployed to 10 buildings around the country including a 54 floor skyscraper in Tokyo. It operates at night when the cube farm is empty and it takes the elevators to move from one floor to another.

This my filthy little fiends is the RFS1, it operates unsupervised, has an optical communication system, proximity sensors, bumper switches, video cameras and a hard disk to store the video feed. It also has voice announcements to provide warning it’s approaching.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here’s a stylized version for a themed building I found on

Robot Vacuum Cleaner 2

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