Woot! ‘Gladiators’ Get A Redo

American Gladiators

OK geeks, put your testosterone back in your vials. If you’ve had an interest in taking a bow into reality TV, you’re better off sticking with ‘Beauty and the Geek‘ than this one…

According to Craig Plestis, exec VP of alternative programming, the Peacock is getting into the ring with “American Gladiators,” which has been revived for mid-season revival, possibly with all 6 episodes broadcast in a single week. 

Airing in syndication from 1989-96, ‘American Gladiators’ focused on physically fit amateur athletes who competed against the show’s regulars (action stars, stunt professionals and pro athletes) in various physical strength and endurance competitions. Some of the more popular gladiators were Wolf, Turbo, Nitro, Blaze, Lace & Sky.

The show hit it big by showcasing David vs. Goliath-style battles in events such as the Joust, the Wall, the Eliminator and Hang Tough.

Variety has all the details.

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