Superhero Or Stripper, You Decide

I stumbled across something that made me do a double take. has some cold cast statues of superheroes in anime styling, one of them is Marvel’s heroine Psylocke,you can view their Psylocke page here. If you’re not familiar with Psylocke, some superhero geeks have written up an extensive bio of this character on Wikipedia.

The problem I see here (pics below) is that this character wound up looking more like a stripper about to pole dance than a Marvel superhero that partners with the X-Men. It would appear that from all her changes in appearance over the years, the action figure designers took this one to model the statue over.

Psylocke or Stripper

It’s not the costume that made me do the double take, it was the combination of that costume coupled with the pose that appears to do this character a disservice in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking at this like some kind of feminazi that thinks this is demeaning to women, quite the contrary; but it does make me wonder if the target audience is not your average superhero geek, but rather an adolescent boy to have a Marvel Anime to fantasize over. Especially since it appears to be just a run of the mill anime stripper character that had the costume painted onto it and voila! You now have a Psylocke. That was easy.

Psylocke or Stripper closeup

Overall I’m not questioning the designers tastes here, I actually like this, but I am questioning the effort they put into creating this collectable since it doesn’t bear much resemblance in a pose one would expect from their heroine.

In any case, if you’re a superhero fan and interested in this to add to your collection, the statue is 5 inches tall, is a limited edition of 500 units and will cost US$79.95.


Invisible Girl:

Invisible Girl

The shy Phoenix:


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