Bank of Beijing Drops Firefox Support For Their Online Bank

Alfred Peng is a blogger from Sun, he discovered to his astonishment that the Bank of Beijing (they refer to themselves as BOB) is officially dropping support for Firefox.

I went onto the English version of the BOB site and was unable to dig deep enough to expose this non-support, but copied below is Alfred’s translation of the reasons why. Head over to his blog for the full article.

The English version:

Hi there,

Thanks for your adoption and support to the Bank of Beijing personal online bank system all along. Please be informed that the newer version of the online bank won’t support Firefox browser any more. The reasons are as below:

1. Firefox is an open source browser. The programming language needs to have the universal property. Although Firefox could add many security extensions(plugins?), some extensions are provided by the third parties which makes the language otherness even worse(?). This will bring some browsing problems.

2. To provide the cross-platform functionality for Firefox(Windows/Linux/Unix/Mac OS), it’s necessary to develop a unified browser engine. However, different OSes have different browsing techniques, also different call method with the script languages such as CSS/Javascript/vbscript. So the online bank system will have style error or usage error with non-IE browsers.

3. The old version of the online bank are mostly static jsp pages, only a small set of style(CSS). And there are no big impacts if you use non-IE browsers. The situation is different with the newer version. It uses a lot CSS and higher version js syntax. So comes the compatibility issues for Firefox.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, we suggest that you could use IE bundled with the OS(Windows). Please understand the inconvenience. Hope that you can support us as always. Thanks.

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