What Is That? 8-16-7

If you’re a really old school geek, and I mean OLD…then you will get this instantly.

Holler in the comments if you have a guess.

WIT 8-16-7

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I'm an eternal optimist, follow a Buddhist philosophy, geek of many areas, entrepreneur, learning the Chinese language, a die-hard sports fan, love politics and nuclear submarines.

3 thoughts on “What Is That? 8-16-7”

  1. Yes, well done to both of you.

    Ah, the good ole’ days. I remember them fondly when working on a 30 year old nuke sub when i was young and stupid. I had to troubleshoot and repair the boat’s radar more than a few times, often the problem was a bad tube. A lot of times the troubleshooting was very easy, rack out the assembly while it was energized and find the tube that was dark. 🙂

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