Caller Bot, The Prankster’s Holy Grail?


When I stumbled upon this site I thought it was a joke, but looks like it’s real…

The Caller BOT will call any number in the USA and read the message you want. has a very simple web form to enter the ‘Number to Call’, the Number to appear on Caller ID, the Name to appear on Caller ID, the voice (male or female with different varieties of each), and lastly the text message to be converted to speech when the system calls the number.

I tried it out by sending a sentence to my mobile phone, the form accepted the entries and said it’d deliver the message within 5 minutes.

15 seconds later my mobile rang, the caller ID showed the number I requested and sure enough, the voice on the other end sounded like your typical synthesized computer text-to-speech program.

Give it a try.

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