Showing A Little Geek Love

Geek Love

I should start showing some love to the folks that comment and link to Geeknews periodically, I guess it’s the whole karma thing ‘just in case’. If you comment and would like a link to advertise your site, please holler. I’ll grep through the comments this week and find the links you may have already provided.

Here’s a batch of 3, by far the more interesting of the batch is Gabrielle’s.

As Gabrielle puts it, it’s a “non serious blog about Tech”. She loves attention, so swing by and show her some. Start by visiting her photo gallery and her own LOLCATS at and leave her a comment.

AKA KoOoOoL Games For Mobiles.Though there’s a smattering of tech news or other tidbits you geeks want, mobile is the focus, everything from mobile virus’ to mobile tv.

Hey, who doesn’t love the name Andy? 🙂 Seriously, Andymatic is a personal blog with a well rounded topic list of links and bookmarks covering politics, tech news and pop culture. For instance, he found a really cool blog link to ‘The Ultimate WordPress htaccess file’

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  1. I think it goes almost without saying that if the information comes from someone called Andy, it is just in another league 😉

    Thanks for mentioning my post

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