Now Fully Hosted on Windows Server 2k8 Beta3

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From Anna Liu’s blog on MSDN:

“…we?re extremely proud to announce that the site is running 100% on our next generation web platform!!”

For those of you curious about the scale and availability of

  • MSCOM is made up of more than 20,500 URL’s and hosts 16 million pages and is available in more than 30 languages.
  • Nielson rates  as the 4th most visited website in the world, capturing approximately 9% of the total global internet audience.
  • Availability YTD ? 99.83% (Measured by Keynote Systems, Inc.)
    • 0% Impact to Availability during upgrade to Beta 3
    • 99%+ of hosted App?s upgraded without any change required
  • Audience Reach: #4 in U.S (65M UU) & #5 worldwide (287M UU) 
  • Hosting Model: 2 Internet Data Centers &  80 Web Servers
    • 500+ Vroots, 350+ IIS Web Applications & 12 Application Pools
    •  10,000 Requests/Sec & 300,000 Concurrent Connections

This is what’s known as Dogfooding your own builds and confidence in the stability and robustness of the interim public Beta builds. Of course, making announcements like this is sure to invite hackers and crackers alike to take a shot, right? 

Want to obtain Server 2008 Beta 3 for yourself? Here’s the Link.

References to learn more on Server 2k8:

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