Firefox Not As Mom & Pop Friendly as IE?

I noticed today that there’s a new security update for Firefox 2, it’s update

In the update dialog the ‘details’ link sends you to the update’s release notes. Skim down to the Vista caveats section and see :

Vista Parental Controls are not completely honored. In particular, file downloads do not honor Vista’s parental control settings. This will be addressed in an upcoming Firefox release.

They’ve been diligently looking into it since October with limited success at blocking all downloads but at least the mozilla devs are calling it out and agree they need to fix it in the next release, whenever that is. Here’s the bug: Bug 355554 : “File downloads should honor Vista’s parent control setting”

In the meantime, if you’re a parent and expect to lock down your children through Vista’s Parental Controls, be wary if they’re surfing with FF.

Here’s more basic info from msdn blogs on Family Safety on Windows Vista basic Parental Controls settings and Parental Controls in IE7 with controls that are more hardcore and browser specific. For instance if a child tries to download a file, instead of seeing the standard run/save/cancel download dialog the child see this:


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3 thoughts on “Firefox Not As Mom & Pop Friendly as IE?”

  1. Ok so now users should use a security hellhole and standards ignoring IE 7 instead of FF because it has no parental control? haha good one!

    I would be more worried if they are surfing with IE with parental control on than FF with parental control off

  2. Oh my bad, did the impression of the article say that users should switch? I didn’t say or imply that, the purpose is to ensure parents are aware of it and mitigate it somehow. How a parent chooses to mitigate it is up to them.

    My personal recommendation is to continue to use what you’re most familiar with and that you trust, if there are limitations or bugs and you’re willing to accept them, then more power to you. It applies to the OS, the office suite, the browser, the mobile phone, the gaming console, blah blah blah. 😀

  3. I am just wondering why Microsoft has implemented its parental controls specifically the website blocking only in IE. As the name says “Windows Vista Parental Controls” , so it should apply to the whole Windows and not just IE. Or it should be removed from Windows Vista Parental Controls and put into something like IE Parental Control.

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