Geeks Rejoice, Bionic Woman Returns This Fall!


Wednesday nights on NBC are looking up this Fall. The peacock has green-lighted the remake of Bionic Woman – “Better. Stronger. Faster.”

If you’re not familiar with the original series that lasted 3 seasons in the mid 70’s, it’s the tale of a woman, Jamie Sommers, who must endure cyborg implants and sensory circuits in place of both legs, an arm and ear resulting from a parachuting accident. She then puts her new super human capabilities to good use, working undercover for the gov’t as a spy battling everything from fembots to BigFoot.

However, this time around the part of the heroine won’t be played by Lindsay Wagner but instead by the very promising and very hot Michelle Ryan. Even more promising is the series will be brought to us by the folks that delivered Battlestar Galactica and it will be filmed in Vancouver, BC (home of BSG, SG-1, SG Atlantis, etc…).

Few more details:
Cast: Michelle Ryan, Mae Whitman, Miguel Ferrer, Chris Boweres, Yun Lee, Molly Price
Synopsis: Remake of the 1970s Lindsay Wagner vehicle, with the new Jamie Sommers working as a bartender before the big accident and operation.
Exec producers: David Eick, Glen Morgan, Michael Dinner, Jason Smilovic, Laeta Kalogridis
From: NBC Universal
Network: NBC, 9 p.m. Wednesday


Do you recall the name of the agency that patched up and employed Jamie Sommers? It was OSI (Office of Scientific Information), the same secretive unit that employed Steve Austin – The 6 Million Dollar Man.

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