‘Family Guy’ meets ‘Star Wars’


It appears that the Force is strong with ‘Family Guy’.

The animation will kick off it’s 2008 Fall season with a retelling of the Star Wars saga in an hour long episode using the Family Guy characters.

Lucasfilm has given Fox the thumbs up for the episode which will be a reenactment of “Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope“.

Here’s how the characters will line up as the cast:

  • Peter will play Han Solo (the lucky devil)
  • Lois (the mom) is Princess Leia
  • Baby Stewie is Darth Vader (who didn’t see that coming?)
  • Brian the dog is Chewbacca
  • Chris the son is Luke
  • Cleveland and Quagmire are R2-D2 & C3-P0
  • Old guy Herbert is Obi-Wan

Link to Variety with more details, no word on the role to be played by the daughter ‘Meg’.

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