Mach 5 Steering Wheel Hub


Mach 5, the car Speed Racer drove is a technological marvel containing useful gadgets that were easily deployed by pressing buttons marked ‘A’ through ‘G’ on the steering wheel hub.

The buttons had the following functions:

  • Button A: Releases powerful jacks to boost the car so anyone can quickly make any necessary repairs or adjustments. The auto jacks can also be used to jump the car short distances at high speeds.
  • Button B: Toggles special grip tires for traction over rough terrain (firm, icy, or unsteady ground, ocean floor, vertical mountainsides).
  • Button C: For use traveling over heavily wooded terrain. A matched pair of powerful rotary saws protrude from the front of the Mach 5
  • Button D: Deploys a transparent cover to seal the cockpit into an air-tight, water-tight chamber that also allows submersion under water. The cover is bullet- and crash-proof.
  • Button E: Controls special illumination lights which allows the driver to see more clearly than with ordinary headlights. When used with the night shades attached to Speed’s helmet, his vision is enhanced with infrared.
    • Button E was later modified to activate mini-wings that would slide out from under the car to assist Speed in long jumps.
  • Button F: Used when the Mach 5 submerged. An oxygen canister supplies the cockpit with breathable air for 30 minutes. A periscope can be raised to scan the surface of the water.
  • Button G: Releases a homing robot from under the hood of the car. The homing robot can carry pictures or tape recorded messages to an intended party. The robot also can carry handwritten messages, X-ray film, and other types of code. It has been used as a means of self-defense by flying at adversaries. The bird-like device is operated by a built-in remote control within the cockpit. A separate button sends the robot ‘home’.
  • Extra Button: Pops, in one episode, put an extra button in the car that makes it glide short distances
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