Vista’s CMD In Full Screen Mode

If you use the Windows Command Shell a lot (cmd.exe) then you may already know that in previous versions of Windows if you put the focus on CMD and hit ALT+ENTER, that the command window goes to full screen mode, really nice. Especially for devices running Windows that want to replace the Explorer Shell with Command Shell.

In any case, I tried this the other day on Vista and this was the unpleasant response below, sigh. Looks like it’s not supported.



As long as we’re on the subject of CMD.exe, here’s a couple of CMD tips:

  • To make reading the console easier I usually set green font on black background or yellow on black.
  • Set screen buffer size to 9000 so you don’t lose important info off the screen
  • Use the UP and DOWN arrows to walk up and down the command buffer
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3 thoughts on “Vista’s CMD In Full Screen Mode”

  1. Fullscreen CMD support was dropped in LDDM drivers because of the removal of GDI acceleration. If you remove the LDDM driver and force a VGA or XDDM driver, you should get fullscreen support back

  2. Interesting, thank you for the feedback! This is helpful especially since I may need cmd.exe to act as the shell and it’s a more pleasant user experience when it’s full screen as opposed to ‘windowed’.

    I hear the Longhorn Server Core build uses CMD as the shell and that it’s currently windowed, I should check that out as well.

    Thanks again.

  3. Andy, as a follow up, LH Server recently removed all LDDM inbox drivers and only will ship with VGA drivers (although LDDM drivers can be installed later), so fullscreen cmd will work as before.

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