GOOG’s Daily Top 100

Google Trends is a new feature that enables you to compare the world’s interest with your favorite topics. Or you can simply browse the top 100, such as today’s Top 100 hot trends in searches.

Not surprisingly, today there are a lot of indicators that the top entertainment activities are on people’s minds. For instance the NBA Lottery was today, along with searches for some of the NBA teams like the Supersonics, Trailblazers, Greg Oden and ‘NBA draft’.

3. nba draft

7. nba lottery

8. 2007 nba mock draft

It appears there are happenings going on with ‘Dancing with the stars’ and ‘American Idol’ tonight based on the many variations on searches there.

1. dancing with the stars winner

4.american idol winner

5.who won american idol

I don’t see any GEEK related searches like ‘Vista Patch’ or ‘Linux Kernel’ 😀

But there are more than a few WoW searches like these samples: mods of warcraft realm status


83. wow auctioneer

99. wow interface

100. cartographer wow

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