May 142007

sticky notes has 28 sure signs that you’re a productivity junkie. The two that jumped out at me as one of the most significant in my life are:

# 10. A few hours away from your PDA puts you into withdrawals.

# 15. An empty inbox gives you a pleasant satisfaction that you still can?t quite explain to your family.

In my case it’s the Smartphone that I use all day everyday. I check work e-mail one last time before turning out the lights to go to bed using the device and place it on the bed side table. It chirps to me throughout the night as co-workers around the world fill my inbox, but the here’s the thing – I subconsciously ignore those mail alerts even though they’re heard.

The incoming messages that do get me to roll over and check the mobile, squinting in pain to the bright light are the incoming SMS’. I have them set to a different chirp, the reason I force myself to wake up fully, reach out and check the SMS is because I get breaking news alerts from 2 news outlets and want to know immediately what’s happening in the world ‘just in case’.

After a pleasant night of sleeping to my mobile lightly chirping to me it then wakes me up with a 6:05AM alarm, I sit up in bed and read through the new mail in the inbox from the previous 6 or 7 hours, saving the more interesting as ‘unread’ to read in detail or respond when I get to the office. Now I have a handle on the mail before the day has even started!

Throughout the day at work, when not at the PC, the mobile keeps me informed via work mail, personal mail, news & stock alerts, checking the mobile RSS reader to stay on top of the feeds and of course I use the browser to check on the state of the site or to check for your infrequent comments. :grin:

Link to Lifehack’s list.

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