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There are some amazing projects on GarageGeeks.

For instance the ‘Guitar Heronoid’:

A computer controlled android that plays Guitar Hero by doing real time video processing.

Or the ‘MotoTank’:

Take two motorcyles, cut them in two and connect them to a wheel. What do you get?? A tank! Each (half) motorcyle is completely independant with its own electrical and fueling system, while the streeting is common.

By far I think the ‘Real Pac Man’ is the best:

The main idea of this project is to take the oldest, most low-tech project and to build it in using as much technology as we can find. The board is RFID-enabled, and the pacman is mounted on a radio controlled car which is controlled by a cell phone using bluetooth *gasp*, which in turn drives the pacman in the game. So in fact, you’d be playing the physical pacman on the virtual board.

Real Pac Man

GarageGeeks – Link

[Found via MAKE]

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