What Is That??

Wow!  There were some good guesses for the last picture post 🙂  Noone got it, but the right answer is the speaker for a Blackberry 8700g.   Too tough for you?  Well it’s only going to get harder!  Perhaps I can even convince my editor to pony up a small prize for correct answers on these….I’ll keep you posted.

This week I was removing everything from my kitchen (including the sink!) to do that once a year cleaning job that is always a very daunting activity.  You know…getting all that stuff that fell behind the oven, dust under the fridge, etc.  Not a pleasant or anticipated task, I assure you!  So, in a break from all that nifty cleaning, I saw this little gem.  Drop your guesses in the comments..I’ll be watching 🙂

What Is That??

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