BumpTop – A Revolutionary new Interface for your PC Desktop

This is simply amazing. A totally new way to manage your files and utilize your desktop space with very interesting results.  BumpTop aims to spruce up the desktop metaphor with expressive, lightweight techniques based on real world items and actions.

BumpTop Interface

Now, I thought this prototype was a pretty cool system.  I don’t keep a lot of icons on my desktop as it is – but if I could interact with my data in this way, I might start letting them accumulate.  Simply for that ability of moving items, the intermediary step of crumpling up a document, and the sorting and stacking of information; for me, this is a nice segway in to what the hecklers crave – the next generation of computer interaction.  I’m for it, because if they get this off the ground it will open up a lot of eyes and get people thinking about the future of their desktops.

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