KDE vs. GNOME, What Will I Miss And Where


I found this through OSNEWs today, it’s a comparison of the KDE and GNOME environments from the viewpoint of a ‘GNOME guy’. While I’m pretty much a Linux newbie, my preference has also been GNOME, the look ‘n feel and usability has always been just a bit more appealing to me.

Here’s a snippet:

A current mania is to exile yourself for a certain period of time into the rival desktop environment, to see how bad (or not) you would feel: a KDE fan would use GNOME, while a GNOME guy would use KDE.

I have undertaken the challenge myself, and it wasn’t bad at all. I have used KDE in the past, albeit without very much enthusiasm. Ubuntu 4.10 converted me to GNOME, once for all, so I was very upset when Slackware dropped the support for GNOME.

GNOME is not the heaven on earth, so that my almost religious love for it looked bizarre. The complete rebuttal of KDE too. I wanted to feel how is to only have KDE while having GNOME habits and idiosyncrasies.

The article is fairly balanced and in-depth at about 6 pages long, pointing out specific differences and pluses/minuses for each environment.

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