GOOG Deactivates Googlebombs

In the “Official Google Webmaster Central Blog“, 2 google engineers describe the basic actions they’ve taken to finally prevent pranksters from being able to ‘game’ the google search analysis that drives traffic to one site.

One of the most famous examples was bloggers and web site owners collaborating to ensure the word ‘failure’ was associated with Bush. Geeks understand what’s happening here and take it as just the prank it is, but apparently there’s enough people out there that can’t fathom something more technical than the “on/off switch” assumed that these googlebombs were actually GOOG’s opinion, thinking they’ve altered the results in their database.

Well it appears GOOG has finally implemented an algorithm to specifically improve their analysis and prevent the 100 most well known googlebomb’s as well as detect future instances.

Check their blog post for more details.


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