Running WordPress On Your PC is running WordPress. And thanks to this article from Geeks Are Sexy, my life has been made just a tad more sane.

You see, I’m a relative newbie to WP but i’m already a big fan. When I started hosting this site I settled on the Binary Blue theme, while I like most of its look and feel, i’m regretting some of its cumbersome features and would like to switch to a new theme.

The good news is that switching to a new theme in WP is so easy it’s almost ridiculous.

The bad news is that I have so many small custom changes in the php scripts and css files that I would have to invest at least 3-5 hours fixing up a new theme to replace it, meanwhile the formatting on the live site would likely be hosed or a little off-kilter until it was all cleaned up.

Welp, that article from GAS is a tutorial that walks you through the 9 steps to get WP installed and running on Windows XP, allowing me to tweak any new themes to my hearts content before transferring it to the live site.

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