Amiga OS Making A Comeback

Remember when computing was fun?  Amiga, Inc. and Hyperion Entertainment revitalize an old OS, and with a complete makeover, new programming, and state of the art memory management, unveiled the new AmigaOS4.0

Whether you are one of the thousands of dedicated enthusiasts for the platform, an ex-user curious to see what’s going on, or are completely new to the Amiga experience, you can be sure that this new ressurection of an old favorite is sure to provide a unique perpsective to your computer.

The last time I saw an Amiga computer, I was still trolling BBS’s on my Apple 2e with a 2400 baud modem!  After strolling through their website, I think they might have something there.  I’m not positive it will offer a serious alternative solution to the current main players in the OS market,  but it certainly will be an entertaining and refreshing view to something different.

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