Yet Another PMP To Choose From

Yep.  This little jewel was dropped in my box today.  I know what you’re thinking….”Yippee, another PMP joins the well beaten market!”  Personally, I feel that way.  A year ago, I would have looked on AOL and Haier’s offering as just joining the personal media bandwagon.  But now, sadly, dropping this unit in the field this late in the game won’t cause much of a stir.


Wifi, Bluetooth, Touchpad navigation etc. The Wifi on this player goes a bit further than Microsoft’s Zune implementation, You can purchase music, transfer music wirelessly and stream internet radio stations.

This device has a 30gb HDD, and supports mp3, wma, acc, wav, Mpeg-4, WMV, H.264, and AVI …and will retail for $249.99

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