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The folks over at Jetcast have developed a new service that provides a nifty way to broadcast audio and video over the internet. With their simple player, anyone can become a broadcaster, minus the costly equipment and massive bandwidth.

Jetcast is an optimized network, which is great for broadcasting. Every viewer in the Jetcast network is also a broadcaster or partial broadcaster. The original broadcaster provides bandwidth bursts for the first level viewers, and the first level viewers share their data that feeds other viewers. All the viewers construct a mesh network. Each viewer has a couple of neighbors who established a direct connection with it and shares data with its neighbors. All the while, everything is optimized using the Jetcast server farm.

After several hours of viewing audio and video channels, it seems that Jetcast lives up to its name. I didnt experience a single inturruption in service, nor any of the traditional “net-burps” or extensive loading times.

Although this service is still in its infancy, and by no means overshadows similar popular services, I’d keep an eye on them. I have a positive feeling that Jetcast will surprise us all in the near future.

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2 thoughts on “Jetcast Broadcasting”

  1. I tried it. It actually works! A lot of people talk about doing P2P streaming, but these guys look like they are actually pulling it off. If the technology really lets anybody broadcast to an unlimited size audience for free, should have a really bright future. There are already a lot of channels on that nobody else has so it looks like content owners are at least willing to try it out. Do these guys compete with Venice Project/Joost? I looks like it’s free and the content owners still get to call the shots so people are likely to use it. I bet the kazaa background of the Joost guys still make content owners nervous. It seems like it is easier to use than Brightcove and you can be a little content owner and still use it and get paid too. It will be interesting to see how Jetcast evolves.

  2. That is great news – Peer-To-Peer for Live TV Video has reached the USA…Slowly, but surely people are realizing that there are things like IPTV and that they make sense, just like does. Just like MP3s have changed the Music business and there is a technology revolution happening in VOIP right now and it forces Telcos to reposition, in the next 5 years we’ll see the same with TV networks, because of IPTV. is a first step in that direction,. I predict phenomenal growth in this sector for whoever gets IPTV right and it looks like has and I would not invest a dime in the major networks until the major Networks understand they better join them because they can’t beat them.

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