Word of the Day: Blibbet


Blibbet is the name of the O-like symbol in the original Microsoft logo. A lot of old school Microsofties have fond memories of the blibbet. It’s been memorialized in the “Save the Blibbet” campaign and honored by the “Blibbet Burger” served in the MS cafeterias.

Here’s a mouse cake of the blibbet for ex-Microsoftie Rick Saada celebrating his birthday and some products of the time he worked on back in the day (like ‘Money for Bob’!).

From a cursory search of the net on the Blibbet, we learn that this was the second Microsoft logo and was itself replaced in 1987. Also, some blibbet fans like Larry Osterman recall thatwhen Microsoft announced that they would be retiring the blibbet, a number of employees mounted a fruitless “Save the Blibbet” campaign to retain the corporate icon.’

Microsoft Logo

Save Blibbet

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7 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Blibbet”

  1. it would be nice to know who designed that Microsoft blibbet logo. I’ve found Scott Baker did the last one used till now, but I havent found any information about the previous ones, I mean this one and the groovy original logo. If anybody knows I would really appreciate u send me an email.

  2. I remember starting the Save The Blibbet campaign. We printed off maybe a thousand of the buttons and created a phony press release that purported to represent the staffโ€™s desire to keep the old logo. It was all bs of course, and only intended to poke fun at โ€œthe suits,โ€ but the amount of controversy and buzz it eventually generated was unexpected.

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