Microsoft Launches Social Networking Site for Devs

Microsoft recently launched a social networking site for IT pros called Aggreg8. The purpose of the site is to become a MySpace-like forum for developers to share scripts, tools, or best practices, or even to just connect with others within the profession.

Users can collaborate with fellow devs through existing workgroups, or they can create their own. Storage space will also be provided in the groups to allow users to post messages and files, and share events.

From Kevin Remde’s MSDN blog announcing the site:

Aggreg8 is a site for IT Pros to mix-n-mingle.  It’s like a “MySpace” (or a Windows Live Spaces) for IT Pros, complete with working groups on various topics that IT Pros get excited about.  You can setup a profile, join groups, enter posts, add favorites, share content, mix, mingle, and learn.”


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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Launches Social Networking Site for Devs”

  1. I signed up for this (even though it IS an MS site). It’s confusing. It took me forever to find out how to edit my profile. Granted IT people should be able to figure things out but MS is supposed to be known for making things easy for users. Am I right?

    Also – no Linux or Unix categories????

    Anyway – I’ll see where this site goes. I’ll check it out here and there but for the most part it seems kinda lame.

  2. Hi 

    It appears you might be able to create new workgroups, see if you can get a *nix group created. I agree that the site is pretty bare right now, i plan on going back in a month and see what happened.

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