Overclocking out of the Factory?!

Remember back in the day overclocking was all the rage and it was a battle between the geeks trying to squeeze out more than the warranty justified and the cpu manufacturers trying to find ways to prevent you from overclocking? Then we learned that mom and pop shops were delivering generic PCs to customers with overclocked cpus and charging more?

Well look where we are now thanks to Gateway and their new FX530. Gateway will deliver to you an overclocked machine out of the factory! Here’s a quote from their page:

Just say no to DIY overclocking and let us do it for you! We’ll factory overclock your Intel® quad-core processor.  Yep, you read that right: factory overclock, which is something that most other major PC manufacturers don’t do.”

So there you have it. Why risk overclocking your cpu and potentially hosing it when Gateway will overclock it on the factory floor *and* give you a warranty?

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