Get your head in the game, mister!

Toshiba revealed this lovely device in their daring play for the future of visual technology.  Although it offers a full 360 degree view of extreme eye-candy, I’m not so sure I’d have the inclination to strap this 7lb. piece of headgear on.  “Weigh” the pros and cons for yourself, people.

Toshiba Game Device

[Found via TheLastBoss]

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2 thoughts on “Get your head in the game, mister!”

  1. I’m kind of skeptical about this… The reason is because it only takes 8lbs of pressure (or thereabouts) to break your neck… What happens if an emergency arises and you have to vacate your chair/room quickly? Can you get that thing off fast enough to not sustain injury?
    It also looks unsightly and uncomfortable!

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