How to disarm an atomic bomb

Wired has a funny and only vaguely helpful article on how to disarm an atomic bomb. At a high level the steps include:

  1. Disconnect the wires
  2. Remove the neutron trigger
  3. Remove the conventional explosive
  4. Seperate the U-235 mass

And if you’re interested, we have ‘How to Make an Atomic Bomb” from The Journal of Irreproducible Results. You know it’s gonna be fun when Step 1 starts with
   “First, obtain about 50 pounds (110 kg) of weapons grade Plutonium at your local supplier”

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2 thoughts on “How to disarm an atomic bomb”

  1. First of all, I would hope an untrained person wouldn’t attempt to disarm a nuclear weapon, mostly likely an Improvised Nuclear Device (IND). However, if one was to find an IND, the best way is to disconnect the timing switch or if it is a mechanical timing switch, then separate the “pin levers”. Being an expert in this area, we have other methods in “Rendering Safe” an IND. All of which is classified.

  2. First of all, an IND is the most improbable nuclear device to be used by terrorists. It is almost impossible to make and so easy to diffuse. Its not the device, its the booby traps set out to kill the EOD teams. Hand entry techniques are the last resort. If we find an actual device then we would probably use a shape charge to shot into the “physics package” to prevent a nuclear detenation. Sounds bad but it isn’t. Only the radactive material is scattered and can be cleaned up. If we have time, we’d set up a tent around the device and flood the tent with a foam substance that would absorb the radioactive material.

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